Untracked Shipping

 By default, all orders are shipped with full tracking information to ensure that your order arrives to you safely.

*We recommend that your order is shipped with full tracking information*

We understand that shipping can be expensive, which is why we offer untracked shipping for some items.

By requesting untracked shipping you agree to the following:

  • If your request is accepted, your package:
    • will have no tracking information
    • will have no delivery insurance
    • may take longer to arrive 
  • Replacements will require a reshipment fee
  • Sending a request does not guarantee untracked shipping
    • You will know if your request is processed if you receive a partial shipping refund

    Untracked shipping eligibility:

    • Your country must be able to receive international mail
    • Your order's weight does not exceed 100g
    • Small items only!
      • Includes: stickers, washi tape samples, pins/buttons, charms, postcards, photocards etc.
      • Excludes: washi tape rolls, standees, pouches/bags, prints/posters

    Untracked shipping rates:

    Destination Rate* Estimated Delivery Time**
    Canada 2.50 USD 4 - 8 business days
    USA 3.00 USD 4 - 8 business days
    International 5.00 USD 5 - 20 business days

    *If your untracked shipping request is accepted, you will be refunded for the excess shipping that you originally paid
    **Delivery time is an ESTIMATE, please expect delays due to the global pandemic

      Requesting untracked shipping:

      • Leave a note (cart) to request untracked shipping
      • If your order is eligible:
        • you will receive a partial refund for the shipping cost and your package will be shipped without tracking information
      • If your order is not eligible:
        • your package will be shipped as normal with full tracking information 

          Lost Packages

          If your untracked package has not arrived after 4-6 weeks, you may request a reshipment. You will need to pay for a fully tracked package to ensure the arrival of the replacement.
          If your package was lost please let us know at hello@fishooe.com.

          Have Questions?

          See our our shipping policy or send us an email at hello@fishooe.com

          If you've submitted an untracked shipping request but have not seen your partial refund within 48 hours, your request may have been declined. If you would like more information, you can contact us at hello@fishooe.com.

          Untracked shipping rates will be updated on this page if there are any changes.

          Please note that all delivery times are estimates. Actual delivery times may exceed the delivery estimates provided.

          Fishooe does not have control over your package's arrival after it has been handed off to the mail carrier. We recommend that you purchase tracking information for your package to ensure it's safe arrival.

          Last updated on 2021/05/16